Choose Shots Manually and Custom/Ready Set Matrix

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13 Dec 2014, 23:10

Thank you for this awesome tool. Wish it had one more feature though - the ability to detect that a custom matrix is set when you choose the shots manually and preview the snaps using that new grid instead of the default 5x4. Example:

1. I use a custom grid like this:

2. I press Auto and correct the snaps I don't like (notice the length of the movie)

3. It uses the default 5x4 matrix to show me the thumbs, but it will still generate them using the custom grid I chose earlier... but it will cut out any additional frames beyond my grid (5x4 = 20 snaps, my grid uses 13 snaps, so the last 7 were not used)

4. Mockup of what I would like it to look like - detects that I'm using a custom grid, uses it in the preview and spreads the movie timeline accordingly to the movie's length using all the available frames

I hope you'll find my explanation clear enough and consider making this change worthwhile.
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