Why in Version 13 have not solved this important problem?

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04 May 2019, 09:57

Why in Version 13 have not solved this important problem?

Some times a video hang the process, the result of this problem is many delays for make video to picture, restart the program, wait until load another time the list of videos, etc...

I am programmer, well, is dificult for suu-desing run the video to picture in a secundary exe and check if hang and skip and continue...???

Or, another easy solution for a programmer, Video Thumbnails Maker save the list of lasts vids selected, and also save the last video for convert to picture in a txt file, and well, if hang, Video Thumbnails Maker in the next run have the possibility of reload automatic the last vids selected... And skip this last video that hang the process...

I am programmer, and I believe is time for solution the problem of some videos hang the process and the user delay many times...

I think it is time to solve this, is not difficult and there can be several solutions...

Another, with the Video Thumbnails Maker does not run a secondary exe in background that check if the Video Thumbnails Maker hang, and, if hang, force exit the Video Thumbnails Maker, and start Video Thumbnails Maker with the last selected vids skiping the vids completed an skip the vid that hang the Video Thumbnails Maker...
Is a big problem, and without this problem - that has easy solution - is comfortable go to sleep and in the night make Thousands of vids to pictures without the problem of waking up and see that the pc is hanging on video 144 of 12000 (for example) -...
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14 May 2019, 22:00

Personally I never experienced a hang for 2000 or even for 12000 videos when using Ultimate or Crystal engines.
That is a big question - what could cause a hang of the application.
I would prefer to workaround such a situation in the code of the program without launching a "watchdog" for the executable.

I will try to implement something in the next release for possible hangs of the application.
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