Choose shots manually ignores advanced timeline control?

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23 Nov 2019, 12:34

As the title says, the "choose shots manually" context menu function from the main form. To be more accurate, the "auto" function of the "choose shots manually" form ignores that settings.

Auto takes exactly the same images every time, ignoring cut-off times as well as intro and outro times. this might work as intended and I would like to see that this option stays as its a good start if you want to select shots manually.

But I would also like to see another button that takes that settings into account (something like "auto with timeline control"). It would be also helpful if intro/outro and/or cut-off phases would be highlighted on the playback slider with an optional checkbox that you can't select shots from that regions if checked.
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24 Nov 2019, 09:13


I think that is possible to create a button like "auto with timeline control" in "Choose shots manually interface".
Need to check.

Thank you for your request!
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