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17 Jun 2023, 19:33

I love the GIF functionality but is there any way to make the resulting file display any larger on my screen? At the moment the GIF plays in the centre of my display but occupies only about 1/100 of the available display - probably 3x3 cm on a 34inch display - I would zoom in if possible or create the GIF larger when running PTM on the input files, but this doesn't seem to be an option.
On a related issue the cropping is often too severe and misses the key aspects of the underlying picture - how can I balance less severe cropping with maximising number of thumbs per page - is it possible to generate multiple thumb pages for very large folder sizes (eg 450 pictures ) so that I could get 30 thumb pages each containing 5x3 = 15 good-size thumbnail images summarising a folder of 450 images?
Thanks - great programs anyway!
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28 Jan 2024, 01:16

GIF animation has been improved in PTM
Please check.
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