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Multiple Galeries in one file

Posted: 02 Feb 2024, 17:00
by deathworm

Maybe I just don't find the option.. but as an example: I have 10 Gallerys with each 30 pictures inside. Is it possible somehow to create ONE index picture with as an example 5 random pictrures of each gallery as one picture?

Re: Multiple Galeries in one file

Posted: 03 Feb 2024, 12:01
by admin

A Set in PTM is either a folder, or an archive.

As a workaround, you can archive your 10 Galleries into a single zip archive and process it.
That will give you a single image you are looking for. However, the PTX links in the index file will lead inside the archive.

I will check for an opportunity to implement a new feature like "All in one".

Re: Multiple Galeries in one file

Posted: 04 Feb 2024, 22:43
by deathworm

Ive just tried it with one archive file which Ive created for that, but either it's not really that I meant and it's impossible for me to create for each gal an archive. When I try it with one file there are random pics of it in there, yes, but totally random without knowing where it depends to. Ive just created one small example what I think would be a good feature. as example there is one folder in which there are 6 subfolders. in each subfolder there are some pictures. one time 20, then 22, then 30, then 25..
in the program I select the MAKE INDEX option and select "for each subfolder create 4 pictures". And a checkbox so you can display the subfoldername on each line as small textline above.
picturethumgnail.png (24.61 KiB) Viewed 599 times

and when Ive select 10 folders it creates such an index file for EACH folder with that rows.

I guess this time it's better explained what I mean, or?

Re: Multiple Galeries in one file

Posted: 05 Feb 2024, 09:59
by admin
Now it has become clearer.
You want to represent each subfolder with the same amount of pictures (ideally).
That makes sense.
Thank you, need to think ;)

Re: Multiple Galeries in one file

Posted: 23 Feb 2024, 00:28
by admin
Implemented in PTM