Duplicate checker on rescan for videos gives spurious results

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07 Aug 2022, 12:20

Hi, I've found that when checking for duplicates, the results aren't very accurate. Please can you clarify what criteria are used to identify a duplicate? I've noticed that potential duplicates are indicated when movie durations are the same, but when I play the movie I see that the contents are totally different. For example, I have CD1 and CD2 of a movie and both run for 43'50" and the program calls these out as duplicates. Can thumbnail pictures from the same time points not be used to better identify duplicates? In any case, it would be useful to show further details about duplicates such as run length and size, and provide the ability to click on each potential duplicate pair to play then in turn and check if they are the same. Right now I have to use explorer to locate each file and play them both to verify if they are in fact the same, which takes a long time with over 500 potential duplicates in a database of 150,000 entries. Thanks.
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25 Aug 2022, 10:31


There is a setting named
checksum.png (1.75 KiB) Viewed 343 times

It should provide more accurate results (by comparing the actual content, but a bit slower).
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20 Sep 2022, 16:59

Hello - along the same line. Maybe I am missing it, but if it does find potential duplicates, is there a report that can be run so I can see which files are the file duplicates in question?
I currently have the checksum on, but have media across different disks. If they are not in the same folder, it is nearly impossible for me to find what could be duplicated.

Thank you!

****EDIT: Let me clarify - duplicates do show me what they are - so that part is perfect - its the:
x files were ignored (are already in the database)
that if you could make that clickable or as a report so you can see what files it is referring to would be a great help!
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