add indication if video NOT exist

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08 Mar 2023, 05:11

I have some videos that are in external HDDs (that is not connected all the time)
and obviously double click on a tile will not open them.
So now I press many tiles until I find one that is present.
can you please add an indication on a tile the indicate that this video file cannot be played
it could be a red dot (keeping the tile normally - not grayed out...)
and a filter option to filter them
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13 Mar 2023, 13:05


Please understand that checking for files existence is not so fast when you have thousands of files.
Any ideas how to narrow down the check? I would like to avoid spying on a file system.
Maybe checking for the connection/disconnection of an external drive event, not sure if that is possible. You can startup your PC with external drives disconnected.

In other words, I am looking for a fast working solution.
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