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07 Jan 2021, 19:47

The software has been great at helping detect duplicates when videos are added to the database but I've found quite a few that slip through for some reason or another. I'm finding myself going through the tile view, sorted by duration to find outstanding duplicates. Since they generally have the same length they tend to show up next to each other. It would be a big help to be able to enable another filter that only shows the items that have multiple videos with the same duration.

For example:
Video 1 - 1:05:06
Video 2 - 1:05:06
Video 3 - 1:04:00
Video 4 - 1:03:01
Video 5 - 1:03:01
Video 6 - 1:03:01

In this example, when that filter was enabled it would show Videos 1,2,4,5, and 6. Basically all videos with a count of 2 or more when grouped by duration.
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07 Jan 2021, 20:46


Thank you for your request.
I already thought about finding duplicates using the duration.
So I think I will implement the feature.
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08 Jan 2021, 05:25

This is how I generally find those type of duplicates as well (usually when upgrading from 720p to 1080p or whatever) so this would be great.

It's also not that big of a deal to copy the tags from one to the other "manually", but maybe something like "Copy Tags From -> To" might be a useful feature.

Even as I typed that I'm not sure how you could make the UI and hotkeys "any faster" than what you've already provided with "Copy Tag of Beans", but there are "just enough steps" that a I built a few autohotkey scripts to help with those functions, so if you're thinking of adding some new "dupe features" something that is focused on migrating that type of data as part of that workflow might be worth considering.

As always, big thanks for the top quality work and really great updates.
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