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Thanks for the great program!

"Bug -FIX"
1. Remove and prevent the creation of false duplicates in the database:
- Move -> Overwrite = Creating Dublicate database item WITHOUT physical dublicated file!!! Dangerous situation, because using: Item Files -> Deleting physically = LAST EXISTED FILE IS DELETED from disk.
(Find Database items with same path and same filename) Leave only one database item.

2. Adding and removing TAGs is sometimes very slow. (Appears at least when the image (Thumbnail) is open in the background->Show Info Panel).
In that case, it may take several seconds to close the Info Panel.
With many objects, the performance is acceptable, but when handling individual objects, it is really frustrating to wait several seconds for the Info Panel window to close.

1. Settings to select to use Recycle bin
2. Show only selected (Button or Right click menu selection):
- It can be just hidden TAG, but it's protected from user actions. (Any filtering or sort operations is affected only that selection)

3. File/Folder/Comment -Search
a) Advanced version just like TAGs and Actors allready have. (Best solution)
b) If the feature is not feasible, at least the dependence of the fields on each other would be dismantled
(One field can have text to filter folders and the other could have text instead of a folder to filter files. (AND, OR, AND NOT))

4. I believe Videonizer uses SQL to query its database. Would it be possible to add to the settings: Show SQL button.
(This would bring up a button in Videonizer interface. Pressing it would open a text field allowing you to write SQL queries directly)

5. List videos with more than one file (Dublicates). For example:
- A built-in filter that filters out duplicates based on hash value and then sorts them according to the hash value.

6. Settings to change Shortcut keys like 'next thumbnail' (PgDN)
At least Lenovo has moved many of the buttons used by Videonizer behind the fn button
and it's really frustrating to scroll through thumbnails while holding down the left(only) fn button and ArrowDown while trying to quickly add tags.
Since a couple of years of customers screaming on Lenovo's forums has not helped, I don't think it will ever be fixed by Lenovo.
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