VTM 25 - Videos Rotated using the Rotation metadata flag are being processed using their original orientation

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03 Feb 2024, 21:15

I observed this in 24 and upgraded and still see it. I have two test files, one is the original video shot in Horizontal (wider than tall) the other is that same video, rotated in Google Photos app on my Pixel 8, and saved as a copy. The copy shows the expected Portrait/Vertical orientation while playing, but when attempting to thumbnail it, it is using the original Horizontal rotation (weirdly - it actually FLIPS it again, so its rotated 180 degrees from how it was originally shot - which just feels like a further issue).

The color also seems crazy off, but I ran through a video I had done before on v24 and it shows the right colors so I'm not going to delve into that part!

both files + mediainfo. ~2 file is the horizontal file rotated in android google photos app as saved as a copy : https://i.imgur.com/WpExee6.png

thumbnail sheet of original, horizontal shot and plays horizontal : https://i.imgur.com/6znT9rW.png

rotated in metadata - plays vertical, but thumbs horizontal : https://i.imgur.com/wsxOI0Q.png

Files - here are the actual video files themselves if they are of any use:
original - https://sgrhvn.com/files/PXL_20240203_174722575.mp4

vert rotated - https://sgrhvn.com/files/PXL_20240203_174722575~2.mp4
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04 Feb 2024, 18:07


Thank you for your post.
Your videos are HLG Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) videos, which VTM does not support coorectly as of now.
https://www.suu-design.com/forum/viewto ... 710&p=5213
I will try to find a solution.
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10 Feb 2024, 20:58

Thank you for the info on the HLG - I process all my stuff into 264 before using VTM as part of my normal workflow so that was just something I noticed when making those short sample videos. Much more interested in that rotation fix - just from an 'amount of work it will save me' perspective. Thanks!
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