Any way to start the "magic" mode from command line?

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01 Apr 2024, 20:51

To improve the performance I would happy to use the magic mode from my script.

My script is like: ... f=7&t=2726

Any way to achieve this?
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02 Apr 2024, 14:36

The feature is for VTM and Videonizer only for the moment.
Maybe I will change it in the future.
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10 May 2024, 21:50

I would also very much appreciate this addition. I've been a paying user for possibly a decade and just started testing the CLI.And oh. my. god. Flashbacks to using the free edition of VTM on my Windows XP laptop when I watch how slow creation is via CLI lol.

@OP-For now i'm going to see about possibly changing from a script to having my script/app create a txt list of videos and then calling the VTM app to be launched, and then i'll use the import list of videos feature (to a file that will always be the same directory/name for quick activation) to be able to make use of the Magic button. just an idea for you. (Also you can have the app open a .vtx settings file and that will open VTM and apply that vtx profile all in one go)
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