Thumbnails only the last x seconds of a video?

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30 Oct 2020, 17:38

Is it possible in VTM?
Begin the shoot x seconds (example: 10 seconds) from the end of the video?

Video ist 10 minutes long.
I need the thumbnails only from 9:50 to 10.00
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30 Oct 2020, 20:42

Yes, but only for the specific length.
You can open Options, then the "Advanced Timeline Control" and there you can "Cut first 590 seconds of the video".

In percentages you can cut off up to 45% of the length of the clip.
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04 Nov 2020, 18:07

Thank you for the answer.

But I don't mean this.
The videos (10.000 files) doesn't have the same length. So "Cut first 590 seconds of the video" is not practicable.
VTM should

1. check the video length of each video file.
2. calculate the last xx seconds (xx = Variable that is defined in the preferences)
3. Make thumbs of the last xx seconds.

Definition is 'VTM thumbs of the last 10 seconds of each file'.
All files have a different length.

Length of
first file: 600 seconds
VTM Operating: Ignore 590 seconds, make 10 thumbs oft he last 10 seconds.

Length of
second file: 822 seconds
VTM Operating: Ignore 812 seconds, make 10 thumbs oft the last 10 seconds.

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