Can VTM Set The Thumnail I See In Windows Explorer

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Can VTM Set The Thumnail I See In Windows Explorer?
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Please clarify your question.
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I have set up Windows 10 to show Thumbnails rather than Icons. When I set View to show Large Icons on a list of video files, Windows 10 shows Thumbnails that are typically selected from 3 to 4 minutes into a video. I would like to be able to set the Thumbnail that Windows 10 uses for each individual video.
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There are a few solutions for you to check out:

Icaros - A Windows shell extension that gives you greater control over the thumbnail and property features of Window's Explorer. With this program you can change where windows automatically grabs a thumbnail from by % or an exact timestamp for all files. It has a bunch of other cool features too.

MetaX - An awesome/amazing program for editing the properties/metadata of media files. This includes adding/changing a video file's cover art (aka it's thumbnail). It can also look online for info and movie posters. Don't let the janky, out-of-date looking website scare you. It's a solid program that receives regular updates and is worth every penny for someone that likes to keep things neat and organized.

You can also use a "desktop.ini" file to set a photo to be used as a folder's thumbnail.

I've written a few scripts to automate some of this, and is what my individual movie folders look like:

Oculus_Folder.jpg (180.88 KiB) Viewed 2159 times
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