VTT File path same as folder path for VTX Output

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15 Nov 2020, 22:27

Good day,

We are processing large numbers of videos for use in downstream workflows that require inherent folder structures, and are having an issue with the .vtt file output adding the newly created folder in the url for the location of the .vtx file. We need the link to the .vtx file to be found in the newly created folder, rather than the location of the relative path. The current workaround is to edit each .vtt file and add the newly created folder to the path.

Example of a finished job when it completes:

New folder which contains both .vtt and .vtx files:
//d2w41qcly2v6j.cloudfront.net/video-metadata/christmas-in-the mountains-movie/

The link in the .vtt file does not include the path to the newly created folder, it has this (first timestamp in file):
//d2w41qcly2v6j.cloudfront.net/video-metadata/christmas-in-the mountains-movie.vtx#xywh=6,6,360,203

What we need is:
//d2w41qcly2v6j.cloudfront.net/video-metadata/christmas-in-the mountains-movie/christmas-in-the mountains-movie.vtx#xywh=6,6,360,203

Video Thumbnail Maker settings:
Remove video extension
Save each job into its own folder
WebVTT checked with a relative path URL: //d2w41qcly2v6j.cloudfront.net/video-metadata/
JPEG: 80

Tile 360x203
10sec specific timestamp

Thank you,
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21 Nov 2020, 11:39


I will check the code.
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22 Nov 2020, 17:26

Please try to use VTM
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