Timeline in "Codec-indepent Choose Shots Manually end about 15 mins. before Actual Video

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20 Jan 2021, 23:58

Hi there, on a number of videos, the timeline on Option 1 "Codec-independent Choose Shots Manually" ends about 15 mins. before the actual end of the video, so you can't capture any shots in that zone. It happens only on some videos, but I can't figure out what video characteristics cause it to happen. If I try Option 2 "Codec dependent Choose Shots Manually, I get an error message that there isn't enough memory, so I should choose fewer shots, or switch to a 64-bit version. I'm already using the 64-bit version so I can't change anything there. Reducing the size of the matrix to 4x5 still gives the "out of memory" error message. I even loaded the recommended codec library, but no success. On the videos that do not have this problem, I can go as high as as a 7x9 grid and all the way to the end of the video. Is there a fix, or workaround?
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