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28 Jan 2021, 03:12

Hi, i use VTM and Videonizer (both silver with ultimate Codec).
And since i switch between Win7 and Win10 via Dualboot i notice that there is a big speed difference at VTM.
The difference i mean is not at creating a thumbnails more the skipping of files which are already exists.
I made a short table to show what i mean.

speed_timings.jpg (27.15 KiB) Viewed 1780 times

Its weird thats beside the 2 different OS the v15.2 version of VTM is in both OS much slower then the v11.0 version.
And i can't explain myself why both versions of VTM are significantly slower in Win10.
Benchmarks of the HDDs at both OS shown nearly the same speed.

I hope to find some answers here the get the VTM in Win10 as fast as at Win7.
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28 Jan 2021, 13:54


Welcome to the club :)
I was curious about it for a long time, but still have no answer to the question at the moment.

And I can tell you more ;)

The Multimedia View in Videonizer works almost twice faster on Windows 7 than on Windows 10.
I executed exactly the same code and measured exactly the same parts of the code and for some reason .NET component creation is much slower on Windows 10.

So it looks like the reason is related to the difference between operating systems (or to the .NET implementation for different operating systems done by Microsoft).

Microsoft has no answers as well, please check similar topics on theirs site:

https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/win ... 77d42354a7
https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/win ... 560f47de4d
https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/win ... afa75a5883

As for the difference between VTM versions (15.2 and 11), as far as I remember, I have added an additional check to the skipping section of the code.
That is why 15.2 is slower in skipping files.
Need to check.

Anyhow, thank you for rising such an interesting topic.
I will update it after new findings.
Of course, you are welcome to post your ideas as well.
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28 Jan 2021, 17:40

Thanks for havin me.
No problem so far I can live with it, just wondering.
Your fast detailed answer, shows me you dealt with the problem for a long time.
Maybe there will be .Net Framework fix by Microsoft or you find a solution for the next versions of VTM.
By the way i love VTM & VN, it has become indispensable for me.

Keep on doing your great job :mrgreen:
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