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24 Apr 2021, 18:05

I'm using VTM since years and think it's an excellent tool.

1. There is no option to save environmental settings (ES).
2. There is no option to select ES on command line.

I normally do the following:
0. prepare a folder with new video files (e. g. change names, remove unwanted characters or words etc.)
1. start VTM, import my "Settings_Thumbs,vtm" (which e. g. sets a 5*4 matrix)
2. switch to ES and change "Add custom suffix" to "_thumbs"
3. start VTM to process my files
4. import "Settings_Single.vtm" (which selects a single matrix)
5. switch to ES and change "Add custom suffix" to "_scene"
6. start VTM to process my files

That means, ES are dependant on the matrix type i use and should be integrated to "Options"!

I am developing my personal video database with Access, similar to VTX but closer to my needs...
After importing a folder with new videos (see step 0. above) I would like to start VTM from my app to create both thumnails (steps 1 to 3) and sceneshots (steps 4 to 6) (or even to create sceneshots e. g. every 20secs. or 30 shots per video, numbered starting with _s00001 suffix to video file name or _shh-mm-ss).

Now I need to do that manually or within my program. Would be much nicer to do it with VTM automatically.

BTW: With my 1-to-6 schema above is need to process a new folder twice. What abóut doing it in one run of VTM (because VTM openes the video files two times now)?

Thanks in advanve for your answer!
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27 Apr 2021, 13:10


Thank you for your feedback.

1) Environment settings are stored in the Windows registry branch:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SUU Design\Video Thumbnails Maker\Environment
As a workaround you can create a simple windows bat file to change values before running the VTM.
Not the best solution, so please have a look into point 2).

2) Please check your private messages ;)
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27 Apr 2021, 15:02

Thanks a lot !
Bit complicated, but I think it's possible to do it...
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18 Jul 2021, 21:32

Probably my request will be similar, so I would like to bump this topic.

Is there an option (or plans to implement) to add keys to program software to load preset automatically.
So in result we could create two shortcuts that will automatically apply templates for current task.
DragNDrop on first shortcut > creates images with template1, do same on second - another template used.

Could improve workflows for sure.
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