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27 Apr 2021, 14:59

It's possible to let VTM create sceneshots e. g. every 60 secs.
In a mixed collection of movies/clips however that's not the best solution.
Imagine you have movies with 5mins and 55mins length. That would result in 5 sceneshots for the small movie and 55 for the big one - which both is not OK to get meaningful previews.
5 previews is a little too less,
55 however much to much...

So i'd like to suggest a new feature "Take n sceneshots of each movie (1 < n < 20)" (combined with other options like skip at beginning/end).

BTW: make "Combine shots in one file" an option...

When creating many sceneshots of a movie it's possible to let VTM name them containing a running number of 4 digits.
I'd like to have a name pattern to define output file names, e. g.
[source-filename]_s[num:<nnnnn>].[type] (number from 1 to 99999 without leading 0)
[source-filename]_s[num:<00000>].[type] (number from 1 to 99999 with leading 0)
(use enerything outside [] or <> as is)
source-filename = filename of source movie (without type)
source-type = filetype of source move (mp4, avi, etc.)
length = running length of movie (hh-mm-ss)
res[olution], fps, etc. = several source info
time = actual time of first sceneshot
num:<n-pattern> = numbering
with <n-pattern>
n = one digit number
nn|0n = two digit number withot/with padding 0
nnn|00n, nnnn|000n, nnnnn|0000n = 3, 4, 5 digits number...

cdate:<d-pattern> = source creation date, e.g. [cdate:yyyy-mmm-dd]
mdate:<d-pattern> = source modification date
with <d-pattern>
y|m|d = year, month, day
h|m|s|f = hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds ("fraction")
000y = 4 digits year
0y = two digits year
d|0d|m|0m= day/month without/with padding 0
f|0f|00f|000f = time fraction without/with paddig 0
mmm = month name short
mmmm = month name long
\ = escape character (\m = insert m, not month, \[ = insert [)
or similar like used in several programming languages.

BTW: let numbering always start with 1 (not with 0 which is a little unnatural)
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