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02 Jun 2021, 23:51

Things are looking pretty solid as far as the "checking and deleting broken screenlists" feature goes. So far, it appears to be functioning as expected but I'll keep watching as I work towards automating preparation of thumbnail sheets for various directories and how well they track changes as files are sorted, renamed, moved, etc..

But ... as to the question at hand here.

When using the command line, the source directory / directories are specified explicitly. However, the destination drive for where the thumbnail files should go is not. VTM can be instructed to make use of a "preset.vtm" file, but since it's not a plain text document, I cannot tell what information is being picked up however I will venture that it is only the items on the "Options" page ... i.e., the specifics of how the thumbnail sheet will look like ... since this is where the "export" feature for a preset.vtm file is located.

I'm going to assume that the options on the "Environment" page are NOT saved and loaded from the preset, since it appears that the thumbnails will just end up in whatever directory was specified last. I haven't tested it, but I'll likewise assume that other choices on the "Environment" page such as what type of thumbnail ... JPG vs VTX, the thumbnail destination directory, choices re. folder structure, etc. ... are not saved / transferred as part of the preset.

I feel it would be useful ... at least to me! ... if I can specify some or all of these options. At the very least, the destination directory since the workflow I'm looking at involves dumping videos in a general "sorting hat" directory, going through those to cull out ones I'm not keeping, organize and move them to more structured directories elsewhere, etc.. I like the ability of being able to copy files from the sorting hat to a different destination from within the VTX viewer interface and then being able to delete the original videos and the thumbnails. A later pass thru the structured destinations ... now with the new features! ... brings those up to date with new files, with any modifications, renames, deletions, etc. that were performed. So far so good!

The fly in the ointment is that I really can't make use of command line / batch files to do what I need, since the thumbnail destinations do not seem to be able to be specified.

Am I just missing something?

If it would be possible to specify and import BOTH the "Options" and "Environment" selections via presets, I think this would solve the problem. Or alternatively, specify the destination as part of the command line.

There are a few other items and features I would like, but these are mainly convenience items at the moment. The ability to specify the destination, however, is to me a much more useful new feature.

Thank you so much for your wonderful program and your responsiveness to feature suggestions as evidenced by the "delete dead thumbs" option you added.

With regards,
Victor Z
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05 Jun 2021, 08:53

VictorZ wrote:
02 Jun 2021, 23:51
I feel it would be useful ... at least to me!
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