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07 Apr 2021, 06:01


I am in love with Videonizer, it solves a lot of problems I had to keep track of my video collection, however there is something that I miss (or at least don´t know how to do).

Let me explain.

I use Videonizer to keep track of a lot of video files in different subfolders, each one of those subfolders is an Artist folder.

I have been adding those subfolders one by one creating the artist before and then adding the Artist tag to the videos in each subfolder at the moment I add the subfolder, it's a slow work but it is doable.

However my video collection is often updated, so when I try to update all subfolders I end with a lot of new videos that I have to manually sort and that is sometimes hard because I have to determine where the new videos start.

Ideas for possible sollutions (I am not a programmer nor pretend to be one, so maybe my ideas are absurd, feel free to ignore them if thay are too complicated):

1.- A "Tree" view or filter, that permits you to see only videos from a concrete folder or group of folders, that way categorizing the videos may become easier because you will be able to know wich videos have the artist tag and wich ones don´t.

2.- Another piece of software I love "Calibre" has a funcition that may be really usefull here, the option to filter only the books that where added in the last 24 hours, that way if you have thousands of videos you can be sure that you are only cathegorizing the new ones.

Not sure if I made myself understandable, please feel free to ask anything if I have not explained myself properly.
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10 Apr 2021, 17:28


I see and thank you for your request.
But why not to use aliases and autopick feature?
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