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Updated to v2.1.0.0
Support for 125% Windows scaling mode has been added
Better quality for desktop icon
Few cosmetic changes

Updated to v2.0.0.1
The game is FREE
Interface is redesigned
"F5" hotkey starts a new game
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is required to run the game

Updated to v1.0.0.3
The dynamic of the game was significantly improved. New "Show" button allows to open the game field for several seconds. Cost and time of the operation depends on the number of opened pairs(triples) on the field and on the game type
Player's name label is added to the top right corner of the main window
New "Change" button near the player's name label allows to change the player during the game
Hi-scores table now consists of 10 rows
Fixed a rare bug related to the situation when a new record was not marked bold in the hi-scores table

Updated to v1.0.0.2
New background picture
Splash-screen is updated
Selected button color is changed from dark red to blue
Some cosmetic changes

Updated to v1.0.0.1
Splash-screen is added
Scores appearance explanation is added to the Options window
French version of interface is updated
Some cosmetic changes

First release (v1.0.0.0)
First release of the program


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