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Video Thumbnails Maker

VTM 10 new animation features
WebM and WebM animations

Animated video thumbnail sheets, part 1
WebP format

Animated video thumbnail sheets, part 2
WebM and APNG formats

Ultimate Engine in action
Including Engine Speed comparison chart

VTX Feature demonstration
How about clicking on a thumbnail sheet Tile to get the video started at that position?

VTX Viewer - Start The Scene in a Single Touch
How to start the video at Tile's position using preferred Video Player?

Quick screenlists in Videonizer
Using Video Thumbnails Maker

VTM 12: Choose shots manually
Fast and codec-independent


First Steps
Adding files and tagging them. Beans

Filtering and Sites
Quick filtering. Managing sites and passwords within Videonizer

Screenlists and Pictures
Picture content in Videonizer

Quick screenlists in Videonizer
Quick thumbnail sheets in a batch right in Videonizer. Interaction with Video Thumbnails Maker is shown

Introduction of Multimedia view in Videonizer 4
You can even generate animated screenlists right in Videonizer using Video Thumbnails Maker

How to get animated Tiles in Videonizer
Shows the simplest way to get animated tiles using current Video Thumbnails Maker Options and Settings

Pictures Thumbnails Maker

An example of interaction between Pictures Thumbnails Maker and Viewer
What are the main benefits of using PTX files and Viewer?

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