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Pictures Thumbnails Maker

The latest version of the program is available in the Downloads section of the site.

Pictures Thumbnails Maker is a thumbnail sheet generator for images.
An ideal tool to manage your regular and AI generated image collection.
Thumbnail sheets could be used by Videonizer to organize your collection even better.

Forget about deep folder-trees and image archives!
Create nice thumbnail sheets and collages to browse your archives easily.

The tool consists of:

Pictures Thumbnails Maker = MAKER
Pictures Thumbnails Viewer = VIEWER

An example of interaction between MAKER and VIEWER

The VIEWER is designed for opening PTX files produced by the MAKER, offering the possibility to view the original full-sized image, navigate through pictures and sheets (the history navigation is recorded), recreate a selected thumbnail without regenerating the whole sheet and more.

Once a thumbnail sheet is created, the VIEWER makes it easy and pretty "plain" to navigate through folders and zip-archives. Double-click on a thumbnail to open its source (a full-sized original image). You can always get back to your sheet by pressing Escape (or Backspace) button. Mouse wheel cycles through pictures and sheets in current folder. Right click on a thumbnail to open its context menu. You can delete undesired pictures, remake a particular thumbnail without regenerating the whole sheet, substitute a thumbnail automatically or manually, regenerate the whole sheet in one click and much more.

Pictures Thumbnails Maker could also be used for network pictures sharing support.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8+ is required to run the program.


Main window
Options window (F2)
Environment window (F3)

Clickable Examples:

Preset #1

Preset #2

Preset #3

Preset #4

Preset #5

MAKER's key features:

A thumbnail sheet is generated from a so called "set" of files (pictures from a separate folder or an archive); for instance, if you add a folder with 3 zip-archives and 8 separate pictures in it - 4 sheets will be created (3 for archives and 1 for 8 separate pictures)
Plenty of options and special effects (see screenshots above); momentary rendered visual preview of your settings right in the Options window
5 customizable "base"-presets (see examples above); special (non-"MxN") matrices with big tiles
You can generate GIF-animations and HTML Galleries automatically using separate tiles of your sheets
Batch processing; you can pause/continue or stop active job at any moment
Options preset file format (*.ptm). After you run a preset, the program is automatically opened with the imported tuning
Command Line Interface (CLI, works only in activated version)
Zip, 7z and Rar archives are fully supported by the MAKER

VIEWER's key features:

Zip and 7z archives are fully transparent to the program; you can manage a picture without worrying about its actual location; if a pictures is situated in a Zip or 7z archive the program will update the archive automatically
Rar archives are partly transparent to the VIEWER (automatic unpacking only); that means you can still navigate through pictures in Rar archives, but you can not delete/rename files in such archives (RAR license restriction)
*.ptx is a special "thumbnail gallery" or "sheet of thumbnails" file format; it is used by Pictures Thumbnails Viewer; a file with .ptx extension could be easily opened by double clicking on it in any file manager
*.vtx files are supported (that files are produced by Video Thumbnails Maker); the VIEWER allows you to start the video from its thumbnail sheet
Pictures Thumbnails Viewer keeps history of your navigation through thumbnail sheets; so you can "jump back and back" using Escape or Backspace keys
You can substitute any part of your thumbnail sheet right from the viewer as well as regenerate the entire sheet
Detailed picture info appears when moving the mouse cursor to the right screen border (somewhere at the middle point)

Command Line Interface

PicturesThumbnailsMaker.exe [preset.ptm] folder1|picture1 [folder2|picture2] ...

If optional [preset.ptm] file is not specified, the program will use your latest GUI options.
Environment settings are taken from the main program.

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