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X3 map v1.2 by Scorp

The latest version of the program is available in the Downloads section of the site.

X3: Reunion is a computer game in the X series developed by Egosoft company more

My program shows you an actual X3 sector-map, with detailed information about most in-game objects. The map is based on a log-file that is created with an in-game script (by Andrei[<>Ace]). If you just want to view the standard map (or if you donít have the game) the program will work with the included default map, which was created with an English X3 (v2.0.02) game installation.

Main-window screenshot just after starting, watch (135 kb)
ęArgon PrimeĽ info-window with search and sector-map window open, watch (120 kb)
The results of searching for a "Hermes" ship, watch (100 kb)

Key features of the program:
Dynamic Map. You can load your own maps from the game. Spoiler and Non-spoiler.
You can use the program without installed X3 game. Standard english map is included in the installation.
Different X3-mods are supported. The language of the game can be any.
X3: Reunion and X2: The Threat are supported.
Double clicking a sector immediatly shows detailed information about it (shipyards, equipment docks, trading stations, factories, bases, asteroids, free ships, gates, player`s property, wares contained in objects, their quantity, price and free space, coordinates of all objects).
Smooth zoom and scrolling. The map can be dragged with the mouse in all directions.
3D and 2D sector view.
Powerful and handy search engine, with partial and full name match, wares match (you can set stock and/or price limits), types and yield of asteroids, free ships ands player`s property. Lists of all existing names are attached to corresponding search boxes. Search results are highlighted on the map.
The map is extremely fast. It does not lag, is very good looking, and does not affect a running game of X3 in any way.
2 alternative map-design schemes + 1 bonus icons set.
You can print the map on paper. The map prints in grayscale without background and pictures to save toner. It looks very nice. The zoom and current position on the map are taken into account while printing. Standard game map fits on a sheet of A4 paper.
You can save the whole map into PNG. All currently highlighted sectors are also highlighted on the picture.
There are 2 interface languages supported: english and russian.
Illustrated manual is included.
The program is Vista-compatible.

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